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Social responsibility

Since the establishment of company, JSC „Pardavimo automatai“ works as socially responsible organisation. Next to the core business purposes – pursuit of profit, tax payment, compliance of the law and assurance the security of work place – JSC “Pardavimo automatai” follows the high ethical standards, actively participates in initiatives of social and environmental protection.

JSC “Pardavimo automatai”, participating in various social activities, focuses on the surrounding communities and their priority needs. The main directions are:

  • Education: provide a support for children and youth education and training in secondary schools, gymnasiums, art, music and sports schools, support a high schools and universities community’s activities, various vocational education and retraining centres.
  • Health and social integration of vulnerable groups: support initiatives of medical and health institutions, organizations of people with disabilities, contribute to purposeful leisure of these communities;
  • Eco-responsibility education: promote ecological initiatives related with a rational use of energy resources, waste sorting and recycling, participate in environmental cleaning campaigns.

Since November of this year, JSC “Pardavimo automatai” supports charity project – „Išsipildymo akcija 2015” (Dreams Come True). The Dreams Come True campaign is an annual largest-scale support project in Lithuania, inviting people to help disadvantaged kids living at children foster homes, also those with serious illnesses all over Lithuania.

While you’re using services of JSC „Pardavimo automatai”, you’re also contributing to this campaign. All together let’s help the children dreams come true!